L. K. Smith

1850-1851       Rooms at Hobson’s Hotel, Yazoo City, Mississippi.

1851                Rooms over the Post Office, Yazoo City, Mississippi.

1852-1853       Rooms nearly opposite J. Heard & Co., Yazoo City, Mississippi.

L. K. Smith was recorded in four announcements and five advertisements in The Yazoo Democrat (Yazoo City, Mississippi).  The first announcement and first advertisement is when he was in the partnership of S. E. & L. K. Smith and appeared on October 24, 1850.  We commend all who desire to see their faces “as others see” them, to read the advertisement of S. E. & L. K. Smith.  They warrant perfect likenesses or no charge.  The rapidity with which the impression is taken, enables them to take a correct image of a child, which has heretofore been found to be very difficult.  They exhibit a number of very fine specimens and if their work does not equal them, they ask to pay.  Give them a trial.

The advertisement ran from October 24, 1850 to July 9, 1851.  Daguerreotype Miniatures.  Messrs. S. E. & L. K. Smith, would respectfully inform the inhabitants of Yazoo city, and the surrounding country, that they have just returned from an absence of 3 months spent in visiting the principal galleries at New York, Philadelphia, Boston, etc., in procuring the latest improvements, and have now opened a gallery at Hobson’s Hotel for the purpose of executing likenesses on an improved style.  Working with our Magnetic Buffs, we are enabled to take pictures in one fourth the time that has been customary heretofore.  By this improvement we will warrant the likenesses of any child.  The difficulty heretofore experienced in taking likenesses of persons with weak or blue eyes is entirely obviated.  These buffs prevent dampness in rainy weather, which is the desired object that operators have long sought for, as a perfect picture can be taken at all times and in any climate.  Among our numerous specimens can be seen the Sweedish Nightingale Jenny Lind.

Ladies and Gentlemen, are invited to call and examine specimens, and sit for pictures.  We have a variety of fancy pins, Lockets, and Frames constantly on hand.  Cameras, Apparatus and instructions, furnished or reasonable terms.

N. B.  Operators by forwarding us $10 can procure these magnetic buffs, with full directions how to use them, which we will warrant to perform according to the above description.             

The second announcement appeared on September 3, 1851.  Mr. L. K. Smith, the popular Daguerreanist, has returned to our city, and will soon have his rooms fitted up over the Post Office, where he will be prepared to furnish good pictures as true to nature as nature’s self.  Mr. Smith informs us that he has all the latest improvements in his art.

In his advertisement, which will appear next week, he will speak for himself.

The second advertisement ran from September 10 to December 3, 1851.  Daguerreotype Miniatures.  The subscriber respectfully informs the ladies and gentlemen of Yazoo City, and vicinity, that he has returned and fitted up rooms over the Post Office, where he will be enabled to take miniatures in an incredibly short time; having been to the expense in perfecting a large and powerful light, expressly for the business, and feels confident in saying that he will warrant miniatures to those who may favor him with a call that cannot be surpassed for tone or brilliancy.

Likenesses taken equally as well in cloudy as in clear weather.  L. K. Smith. 

The third announcement appeared on October 27, 1852.  Mr. L. K. Smith, the well known and excellent Daguerrean Artist, has just returned to Yazoo City with a fresh stock of the best materials for taking pictures, that we have ever seen in the south.  Mr. S. is direct from New York, with all the latest improvements in the science.  He is now fitting up rooms in the same building that he occupied last winter, nearly opposite J. Heard & Co., where he will soon be ready to accommodate all who desire to “procure the shadow ere the substance fades,” in the very best style, and upon terms most favorable.

The fourth announcement appeared on November 3, 1852.  Smith’s Dancing Academy.  The subscriber would respectfully inform the Ladies and Gentlemen of Yazoo City and vicinity, that he proposes opening a Dancing School at the Odd Fellow’s Hall, on Friday the 5th inst.  He has, during the past summer, visited some of the most fashionable dancing Academies of New York and Philadelphia, familiarizing himself with many figures and fancy dances, such as the Gorletxia, Schottish & Fancy Polkas, Cotillions, Highland fling, Hornpipes, &c., &c.

Particular attention will be paid to the conduct of the Scholars.

Private lessons given in any of the above named dances if required.   L. K. Smith.

The third advertisement ran from November 10, 1852 to January 12, 1853.  Smith’s Daguerrean Gallery Is Now Opened.  The Subscriber would respectfully inform the Ladies and Gentlemen of Yazoo City and vicinity, that his Gallery is now opened; situated nearly opposite Heard’s Store—where can be seen the finest specimens and stock ever offered in this city.  Having been to the expenses of perfecting a large and powerful light, the greatest attention will be given in taking the miniatures of children.  As I have been absent for the last six months visiting the most celebrated Galleries in the Northern Cities, and securing all the latest improvements—I feel justified in saying that I will warrant pictures that cannot be surpassed for tone or brilliancy.

I would respectfully invite the Ladies and Gentlemen to call and examine the beautiful style of cases.  No charge made for looking on, or taking a miniature for the purpose of showing you how you look at the present time.  L. K. Smith. 

The fourth advertisement ran from January 26 to March 16, 1853.  Notice.  All those who wish Daguerreotypes taken by Smith, before his departure, must make an early application, as I shall leave Yazoo City in a few weeks.  I have a splendid stock of all kinds of fancy cases, which will be sold cheap for cash.  Come one, come all, and I will give you a token for a mere song, that you can leave to those you hold near and dear, when you have gone to return no more.  L. K. Smith.            

The fifth announcement appeared on March 9, 1853.  We are assured by Mr. Smith, that he will only remain here one week longer—during which time, he will furnish daguerreotypes at prices more favorable than have ever been obtained in Yazoo City.  Give him a call before he leaves.

L. K. Smith is not listed in other photographic directories.

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