J. B. Smith

1851                Public Grounds, near the Court House, Pulaski, New York.

J. B. Smith was recorded in two announcements and one advertisement in theNorthern Democrat (Pulaski, New York).  Yankeeism.—The old custom of fitting off rooms in each village for taking sky-light Daguerreotypes is thrown into the shades.  A Daguerrean establishment, with sky and side-light, was trundled into our village this week, and located on the public grounds near the Court House.  The operator is taking pictures of rare perfectness, and at low prices.  Some of his specimens equal any we have ever seen elsewhere.

See his card in another column.

The advertisement ran from August 28 to Septtember18, 1851.  Empire Daguerriean Gallery!  J. B. Smith, Would respectfully give notice to the inhabitants of Pulaski, and its vicinity, that he will remain for a few days at this place with his portable Gallery, (on wheels) which is fitted up expressly for the business, having Sky and Side Light combined.  In this combination of light which may be used separately if required, the unpleasant shades have been reduced, and mellowness, prominence and richness given to the likeness.  This double arrangement of sky and side light being thus increased in amount, must and does give quick results.  They are now ready and prepared to take in the Most Approved Style, pictures of all sizes, warranted to give satisfaction, and at reasonable prices.  He flatters himself from his long experience and from his thorough knowledge of all the improvements pertaining to the Daguerrean Art, that his work will not suffer in comparison with that of any operator in America.

All those who have not already secured the likenesses of themselves or friends, should not suffer the present opportunity to escape.

Likenesses Of Children taken in from three to four seconds in the morning, when the weather is clear.  Adults at all hours of the day and in all kinds of weather.  Particular attention is paid to taking Family Groups.

Perfect copies taken from old Daguerreotypes or Portraits, warranted to suit in all respects, or no charge.

Persons having sick or deceased friends of whom they wish Miniatures, can be waited upon at their residences.

Miniatures neatly set in Cases, Lockets, Rings, Pins, &c.  Ladies and Gentlemen are solicited to call and examine specimens.

Pictures put in neat cases for $1 each.                       

The second announcement appeared on September 11, 1851.  Smith’s Daguerrian Gallery still remains in town and is immortalizing numbers of pretty faces.

J. B. Smith is not recorded in other photographic directories as being active in Pulaski, New York in 1851.  It is unknown if J. B. Smith is the same person who was active in Nantucket, Massachusetts in 1846.

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