L. S. Skiff

1847-1848       Room over the Post Office, Geneva, New York.

L. S. Skiff was recorded in two advertisement and one announcement.  The first advertisement ran from December 4, 1847 to April 1, 1848 in the Geneva Daily Gazette (Geneva, New York).  Price Reduces.  And Pledged not to be Outdone!

“Secure the shadow ‘ere the substance fade.”

Mr. L. S. Skiff, Would inform the ladies and gentlemen of Geneva, that he has taken the room formerly occupied by the Young Men’s Association Over The Post Office, and fitted it up for a Daguerreotype Gallery and intends to make a permanent residence,

Mr. S. has just returned from New-York with a choice lot of stock, of different qualities and sizes, and has secured the Latest Improvements, in the art.

He can take pictures, giving them the most life-like expression, the most perfect fresh color, and showing the variegated eye, with all the perfection and beauty of life itself.  None but those who have lost companions, parents, or children, can appreciate these valuable keepsakes.  When we are in life let us prepare for death—who will die and be forgotten, when they can preserve their memory for ages and generations to come for so mall a sum.

Ladies and Gentlemen are invited to call and examine specimens.  Children that are old enough to keep still 20 or 30 seconds can be taken as well as older persons.

Miniatures put in Lockets and Pins, And warranted perfect and never fade.  Instructions given in the art on reasonable terms.

Rooms open from 8 A. M. to 5 P. M., clear or cloudy.

Don’t forget the place, first door at the head of the stairs, over the Post office—Skiff’s Gallery.

The same advertisement ran from December 8, 1847 to February 9, 1848 in the Geneva Courier (Geneva, New York). 

The announcement appeared on July 26, 1848 in the Geneva Courier (Geneva, New York).  Our friend, Mr. Skiff, informs us that he intends soon to return to Geneva and open a Daguerreotype Room.  During his absence Mr. S. has improved his former method by the Late London Process, and is now available to produce unrivalled specimens of his art.

L. S. Skiff is not listed in other photographic directories.

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