A. J. Severance

1848-1849       Rooms at Miss Adams’s Brick Building, Middlebury, Vermont.

A. J. Severance was recorded in one advertisement and one announcement in The Middlebury Galaxy (Middlebury, Vermont).  The advertisement ran from March 27 to April 24, 1849.

Daguerreotype Portraits.  A. J. Severance would announce to the citizens of Middlebury that having purchased the apparatus and other “fixins” of O. Severance &, he is now ready to take Likenesses on short notice, at the old stand of O. Severance & Brother, in Miss Adams’s building.  The subscriber having been patronized liberally thus far, has determined on stopping until the 10th of April,—longer than that will depend upon circumstances.

A splendid lot of Lockets, just received.                   

The announcement appeared on June 12, 1849.  Daguerreotype Miniatures.  A. J. Severance, would announce to the ladies and gentlemen of Middlebury and vicinity that he has concluded to remain in town during the session of the Court, and no longer.

All wishing Likenesses will do well to avail themselves of this last opportunity.   

A. J. Severance was recorded in yesterdays post as part of the partnership of Severance & Brother.

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