James V. R. Schuyler

1852-1853       42 Owego Street, over G. W. Schuyler’s Drug Store, Ithaca, New York. 1853-1859       38 Water Street, over G. W. Schuyler’s Drug Store, Ithaca, New York.

James V. R. Schuyler was recorded in four advertisements, one poem and three announcements in the Ithaca Journal and Advertiser (Ithaca, New York).  The first advertisement ran from October 13, 1852 to December 7, 1853.  Lockets, Lockets, Lockets, Of the most approved style; also Daguerreotypes of the very best quality, from the largest Full Size to the smallest Locket Bracelet, Pin or Ring, taken on pure silver and finished with gold, can now be obtained at Schuyler’s new & complete Daguerrean Hall, Owego street, near the Ithaca Hotel, over G. W. Schuyler’s Drug store.  The citizens of Ithaca and neighboring towns and villages are invited to visit his rooms and sit for their Pictures, and be their own judge of the fact that his is the place surpassing all others in western New York, for procuring genuine likenesses and beautifully embellished Lockets and Cases.  His rooms for neatness and pleasant accommodation to customers an=re unequalled in this vicinity, and his operating apartment is furnished with cameras and North Sky-lights, the largest, latest improved and most elegant in this country.

Careful attention is given to serve each customer with pictures of finest texture, correct life like representation and substantial quality, at the lowest price for first class work—Prices from $1 to $20.

Ithaca, Owego-street, near the Ithaca Hotel, over G. W. Schuyler’s store.   Oct. 12, 1852.

The first announcement appeared on June 22, 1853.  For the Journal.  A Good Thing is Beautiful.—A good Daguerreotype is a good article, and a beautiful memento of friends and associations.  I have had much experience in daguerreotypes, and take pleasure in saying that the pictures which I notice in Mr. Jas. Schuyler’s show cases in Ithaca opposite the Hotel, on Owego-street prove him a workman of superior skill and fine taste—doing great credit to the Photographic art.  He has rooms of the best order much experience attentive habits, and is withal an accommodating fair dealer, and is favored with liberal patronage.  Be ye his patron.  CARS.

The second advertisement ran from September 14, 1853 to January 10, 1855. Note that no newspapers were available from January to December  1854.   Please Remember A Few Things In Getting Your Miniature.

1St., Mr. J. V. R. Schuyler’s new and complete Daguerrean Hall is very pleasantly situated above, at 38 Water Street.  Blooming new every morning and fresh every evening with likenesses of diversified size, and ornamented back grounds, which hang out like evening orbs in pictures of silver unequalled in this County, obscuring even the magnified thousands that come streaming up from below through a gasconade fog ten feet high.

2nd., This establishment is not the lowest but tallest, not the oldest but the youngest, not of Hippogriff purport but a reality, not the darkest but the most luminous to these parts for producing the highest order of miniatures for durability of effect.  Its superior order does not confine the Ladies to one apartment but allows them the free range of the complete dome—the Gents not excluded.

3rd., It is conceded (not conceited) that the position of Mr. S. as a Daguerrean Artist is practically and locally quiet and ahead of all the others in this city.  He is the only Artist in this region who is recommended for using the best refined Silver No. 1 Sealed Plates, and now improved Chemical of the late improved Paris manufacture.  This chemical is the least possessed by artists, yet the most desirable in the business of daguerreotyping.  These plates stand preeminently at the head by all experienced operators as the embossment for daguerreotype pictures.  These advantages enables him to serve his customers with miniatures the most durable and of more durable and beautiful finish, which by age will not show spots and fogy appearance so common to Types taken by the old process of galvanizing.  In short these materials completely obscure the miserable humbug of machinery traps, arts and colors of profession, which may be used insidiously to affect a business array to dupe the credulous.  Please therefore remember these few all important things when you go to get your likeness and call at No. 38 water-st. opposite the Ithaca Hotel where you cannot fail of securing the same proper to perpetuate the memory of the absent and deceased.

The poem appeared on January 10, 1855.

J. V. R. Schuyler, Daguerrean Artist.

            Beautiful Image, strangely bright,

            Robed in thy mantle of wondrous light!

            Sadly sweet are my thoughts of thee,

            Beautiful image speak to me!

            Sad is my fancy’s imagining;

            Sad is the homage my heart doth bring!

            Yea, Sad: but a sweet and holy thought.

            Within my mind they beauty wrought!

            There are many, and lovely things on earth

            Beings there are of glorious worth:

            Yet thine is a glory transcending far,

            The beaming tint of Earth’s brightest star!

            I have gazed on beauty’s marvelous ray,

            Then wept as I saw it melt away;

            But I hear a voice from the Laurel shade,

            Telling me thou will never fade;

            Image of one so dear to me,

            Methinks while my gaze is fixed on thee,

            The full red lips is with life blood warm.

            And I yearn to embrace thy breathing form;

            An image of him thou can’st not be—

            Loved one, oh, loved one, I look on thee!

            I know there is life on thy polished brow,

            Oh! Speak in thy own dear language now!

            Thou wilt not answer—but yet I hear

            A silvery accent floating near,

            I joy to think’tis the very same

            Which stole to me from the breath of Fame!

            Nay! Deem thou not ‘tis a thing of life,

            Though it seem with a pure, calm spirit rife;

            Yet worship the beauty there enshrined.

            I speaks of a gifted a peerless mind;

            ‘Tis the magic work of the Artist’s skill,

            Well may ye bow to his mighty will;

            The rarest jewel on Genius fame,

            Is the gem where sparkles that Artist’s name.

            Talent is his of an endless day,

            The wreath on his brow fades not away—

            And truly the home of so rare an art,

            Must be a noble—a many heart;

            The spirit of Genius ceased her lay,

            Yet wore a garland and left with me,

            Of Fame’s proud garlands—the proudest one,

            To be placed on the brow of her favorite Son.

            Beautiful picture speed thee forth,

            Through courts of beauty—and halls of worth,

            And tell how thy bright career,

            In the Gallery of Schuyler, the daguerrean here:  R. M. L., Motts Corners, Jan. 6, 1855.

The second announcement appeared on January 24, 1855.  Daguerreotypes.—Mr. Schuyler’s establishment is termed the standard for Daguerreotyping in this county.  The beautiful productions of Artistic skill and the surpassing beauty and worth of the numerous miniatures daily presented to his customers, are unequaled by any of his competitors.  Mr. S. possess facilities, experience and taste admirably adapted to his business, and carefully executes in his clear and lively style the making of every picture with his own dexterous hands, which is a guarantee to customers for a better quality of miniatures than can possibly be obtained from second handed and inexperienced workmen so common in this region.  The superior quality, and moderate prices of his pictures, can be the only cause for their great demand and extensive circulation over sea and land.

Persons wishing to procure a likeness clearly proving him or herself, can find no better place to secure so desirable an article.  Rooms opposite the Ithaca Hotel, over G. W. Schuyler’s Drug Store.

The third announcement appeared on June 6, 1855.  Daguerreotypes are becoming as common as “household words.”  The young have them taken, and when time has silvered their locks and made them white for the harvest of the grave, there is a pleasure in looking upon their own and their loved ones reflection on the plate, which changes not with age, and never grows old.  Friends and relatives are separated by death, or circumstances, and their presence still remains, speaking peace, and reminding the lone ones of that happy land, where eternal youth shall be present, at the union of all mankind.  Blessed Pictures!—pictures of friends—pictures of those we have loved and lost—pictures which freshen and brighten to us youth, home and happiness, which all the changing scenes in the rude battle of life can never efface from memory, or cause to be forgotten.  The rudest man, is touched by viewing them—the most tho’tless woman stops to gaze upon them; and those who fail to leave behind them these mementoes, but half recognize their duty to themselves and their descendants.  These are our thoughts—and so thinks Mr. J. V. R. Schuyler.

The third advertisement ran from June 6, 1855 to May 12, 1858.  Daguerreotypes!  On Pure Silver with fine Pellucid Gold Finish—(the best improvement known in the art, for securing a true Likeness of surpassing excellence and durability)—made at short notice, rain or shine—and put up in Good Style. Plain or Fancy, of all sizes, at the Ithaca Standard for Daguerreotyping, by J. V. R. Schuyler, 38 Owego-street, over G. W. Schuyler’s Drug Store, opposite the Ithaca Hotel.

Miniatures taken speedily of children at any age; also old Pictures carefully copied.  Particular attention given to aged and infirm customers.  Rooms open from 8 A. M. to 6 P. M.

The fourth advertisement ran from February 23 to September 7, 1859.  Wanted 1,000 Babies!  Mr. Schuyler, Is always up, ready & doing, for Men, Women, and children.—Having never been out done or too much over done in the art, he is prepared for 1,000 Babies more, and all the rest of the children—also, their Mothers, Fathers, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins friends generally; to be arriving (not all at once) at his place Ithaca standard for Ambrotyping and Daguerreotyping Life Like Likenesses!  To sit for and procure, each for himself, one of those inestimable Mementos of dear friends and kindred, before gone forever.

Ladies and Gentlemen!!  Don’t forget the place!!  38 Owego street, over G. W. Schuyler’s drug store,—North—fronting Wm. Angle’s Ithaca Hotel.   J. V. R. Schuyler.  [Sic.] Oct. 20, 1859.

James V. R. Schuyler is recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Register as being active in Ithaca in 1859.

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