George W. Roberts

1854                Lafayette Street, over Booth & Quiggin’s shoe store, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

George W. Roberts  was recorded in two announcements and one advertisements.  The first announcement appeared on June 4, 1854 in The Weekly Comet (Baton Rouge, Louisiana).  Our friend G. W. Roberts Esq. is now fitted up in the old stand of Wilson on Lafayette street, where he is prepared to take daguerreotypes in the number one style of art.  As long as that interesting period of human existence continues to come, when an exchange of daguerreotypes is required, so long will the services of competent artist be required to “catch the substance, ere the shadow fails.”  There is no more accomplished hand at this thing, in this city at this time, than our friend Roberts on Lafayette street.

The advertisement ran from June 14 to August 26, 1854 in The Daily Comet (Baton Rouge, Louisiana).  The undersigned takes pleasure in announcing to the citizens of Baton Rouge and vicinity that he has established a daguerrean Room on Lafayette street over Booth & Quiggin’s shoe store, where he is prepared to take likenesses and copies of likenesses in the very best style.

He is prepared to take landscapes.  All work warranted to give satisfaction.  Charges moderate. To persons furnishing their own cases a liberal deduction will be made.  Geo. W. Roberts.

The second announcement appeared on June 18, 1854 in The Weekly Comet (Baton Rouge, Louisiana).  Persons desiring to have good copies of the original “pictures” should look in at Robert’s Daguerrean rooms, over Booth & Quiggins shoe store, on Lafayette street.

George W. Roberts is not recorded in other photographic directories.

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