A. H. Preble

1851                Rooms in Temperance Hall, Woodville, Mississippi.

A H. Preble was recorded in one advertisement and two announcements in The Woodville Republican (Woodville, Mississippi).  The advertisement ran from April 22 to July 15, 1851 Daguerrean Gallery.  A. H. Preble would respectfully inform his friends and the public that he has taken his old room, the Temperance Hall, and is now prepared to wait upon all that are desirous of obtaining a perfect likeness.  Miniatures taken single or in groups, and colored true to life, in a superior style, and warranted not to fade.

Pictures and paintings of all kinds copied satisfactorily, or no charge made.

The first announcement appeared on May 27, 1851.  Mr. Preble is still taking miniatures in this place.  He is an adept in his profession.  Those wanting to see themselves as others see them, had better call early, and have their ‘pictur’ taken.

The second announcement appeared on June 17, 1851.  Mr. Preble, who has won for himself a high reputation as a Daguerrean, is still among us, immortalizing our Citizens.  We heard a lady the other day say that somebody had complimented her by stealing her picture.  It is no theft to steal a Bible or picture, unless it is done through mercenary motives.  A higher compliment could not be paid to a lady or an artist than that of stealing a picture.  We would say to those who desire a correct likeness, and a cheap one, to call at once on Mr. Preble.

A. H. Preble is not listed in other photographic directories.

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