Elijah H. Payne

1843                Rooms at Brush & Roger’s Hotel, Huntington, New York                          1843                Rooms over Dr. Dean’s Dispensary, Sag Harbor, New York.                                1844                Rooms in P. P. King’s New Building, Main Street, Sag Harbor, New York.      1845                Rooms, P. P. King’s Building, Main Street, Sag Harbor, New York.                      1846-1848     Rooms, Exchange Building, Bank-street, New London, Connecticut.

Elijah H. Payne was recorded in one announcement and a total of eight advertisements, one advertisement in The Long Islander (Huntington, New York) and seven advertisements in The Corrector.  The announcement ran on September 22, 1843.  Daguerreotype Portraits.—It is surprising with what accuracy and correctness every feature of the face is delineated by this new process.  Indeed, we could hardly believe the fact, until we visited the rooms of Mr. Elijah H. Payne, at the Suffolk Hotel, a day or two since, where we saw the Portraits of several friends, executed with a brilliancy and richness which we had never seen surpassed.  And so lifelike were they, that a failure to recognize them at once was impossible.  There is also a peculiar softness and delicacy pervading the whole picture, which gives them a very beautiful appearance.  Mr. P. will remain in the village but a very few days, and as his terms are very reasonable, he will no doubt have the pleasure of receiving the patronage of our citizens generally.

The advertisement ran from September 22 to 29, 1843 in The Long Islander (Huntington, New York).   Portraits And Miniatures.  True to the Life! for only $3, case included.  E. H. Payne would respectfully invite the Ladies and Gentlemen of Huntington and its vicinity to call and examine specimens of Miniatures, now exhibiting at his rooms.  Brush & Roger’s Hotel.

All persons desirous of procuring exact likenesses of themselves or friends, can have an opportunity of so doing, and in a style which, for durability, neatness of execution, and correct delineation of feature, is unsurpassed by any other method.  They will also be found to possess that strength, brilliancy and richness, which has heretofore been wanting in Daguerreotype pictures.

Those who have heretofore urged, as an objection to the Daguerreotype Photographs, the want of color, will have to cease, as the subscriber is now enabled to color them like life, for only $5.00, cases included; those who wish family groups of two, three or four, can have them taken on equally reasonable terms.

Those who have daguerreotype miniatures, taken heretofore, that are vague and indistinct, can have them taken over and placed in the same cases, at a very small expense.  Mr. F. [sic.] will make but a temporary stay in this place; any person wishing to obtain a correct likeness will not delay calling immediately.  Elijah H. Payne.

N. B. Instructions given, and all the necessary apparatus furnished (if required), on moderate terms. Any person fond of traveling, or wishing to visit the South, during the winter months, will find this a pleasing and lucrative business.  Huntington, Sept. 22.

The second advertisement (the first) in The Corrector (Sag Harbor, New York) ran from October 14 to November 1, 1843.  A Card.  Daguerreotype Likenesses.  E. H. Payne, would inform his friends and the public, That he has taken a room over Dr. Dean’s Dispensary, Where he will be happy to see those who wish to procure correct likenesses of themselves or friends.  Please call and examine specimens.  Sag Harbor, Oct. 14, 1853.45

The third advertisement ran from May 29 to July 27 1844.  Daguerreotype Miniatures.  E. H. Payne, Respectfully announces that he has taken rooms in P. P. King’s new building.  Main street, where he is prepared to take Likenesses in the most approved style (in all kinds of weather) from 9A.M. to 4 P.M., either with or without colors, and warranted equal to any taken in New York or elsewhere.

Seaman who are about leaving home will find this a favorable opportunity for procuring an imperishable and life-like miniature at a very trifling expense—only $3,00 for plain, and from $3,50 to $5,00 for colored ones, neatly set in a Locket, Case or Frame.

Please call and examine specimens.

The fourth advertisement ran from July 27 to August 7, 1844.  A Card.  E. H. Payne, would inform those of his friends who have expressed a desire to have their Likenesses taken by the Daguerreotype process, that he will remain in Sag Harbor, only a few days longer, and he would respectfully invite all who wish accurate and beautiful miniatures of themselves of friends, to call immediately at his rooms in main street;—you may never have so good an opportunity of obtaining a life-like miniature, and at a cost so trifling.  When the hand of death shall have snatched away some loved objects, it will be to late to seek for such transcripts of their cherished features.  Delay not, then, or you may spend years of unavailing sorrow, when it is too late to repair the loss,

The fifth advertisement ran from July 16 to 26, 1845.  Payne’s Daguerreotype Miniature Rooms, P. P. King’s Building, Main Street.  Likenesses taken in all kinds of weather, warranted durable and possessing all the beauties and perfections of nature.

The sixth advertisement ran from July 30 to August 9, 1845.  Daguerreotype Miniatures.  Only Two Weeks Longer.  E. H. Payne would respectfully inform the inhabitants of this village and its vicinity, that his rooms will be open until the 15th of August, in P. P. Kings building, Main St., where he would be happy to see those who wish to procure Likenesses or examine specimens.

The seventh advertisement ran from August 8, 1846 to April 12 1848.  E. H. Payne’s Daguerreotype Rooms, Exchange Building, Bank-street, N London, Conn.  Likenesses taken by a new and improved process, in one third the time required by ordinary operators, and set in Cases, Frames, Lockets, Bracelets or Rings.

Operators and others, who wish to acquire this new and much admired system of taking pictures will be faithfully instructed, and furnished on as reasonable terms as can be obtained in any city.

Operators and others, who wish to acquire this new and much admired system of taking pictures will be faithfully instructed, and furnished on as reasonable terms as can be obtained in any city.

The eighth advertisement ran from June 23, 1847 to July 31, 1847.  Daguerreotype Likeness.  T. H. Parker would respectfully inform the citizens of Sag Harbor and vicinity, that having availed himself of all the latest improvements, and engaged the services of Mr. Payne, he flatters himself that his likenesses cannot be surpassed, and which he insures not to fade.  Miniatures taken in one third the time generally required.

Likenesses of sick or deceased persons taken at their residences, at the lowest city prices, and warranted to give perfect satisfaction.

Ladies and gentlemen are respectfully invited to call and examine his specimens.

Elijah H. Payne is not recorded in other photographic directories.  Craig’s Daguerreian Registry does list an E. H. Payne as being active in New London, Connecticut ca. 1846, it is unknown if they are the same person.

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