Parker & Bellows

1850-1851       Address Unknown, Sag Harbor, New York.

Parker & Bellows (Thomas Hazard Parker & Henry S. Bellows) were recorded in two advertisements in The Corrector (Sag Harbor, New York).  The first advertisement ran from July 31, 1850 to July 23, 1851.  Daguerreotype Likenesses Taken at Parker & Bellows’s Daguerrean Rooms, with a large and improved apparatus, and warranted to give perfect satisfaction.  Ladies and gentlemen are respectfully invited to call and examine their specimens.

The second advertisement ran from July 23 to September 17, 1851. All relations heretofore existing between T. Hazard Parker and Henry S. Bellows, in the Daguerrean business, are this day dissolved, by mutual consent.

All bills connected with the business, will be settled by T. Hazard Parker.  Sag Harbor, July 23, 1851.  T. H. Parker, H. S. Bellows.

Thomas Hazard Parker & Henry S. Bellows are not recorded in other photographic directories.

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