North & Ives

1845                147 Warren Street, Hudson, New York.

North & Ives were recorded in one announcement and one advertisement in The Columbia Washingtonian (Hudson, New York).  The announcement appeared on December 4, 1845.  Daguerreotype Likenesses.  It is with pleasure that we refer to the likenesses taken by the Messrs. North & Ives of this city.  In our opinion they are equal to any of the kind produced in the country, we saw in the Post Office the other day, among others equally good, a likeness of Mr. Colto, and another of Capt. L. Paddock taken by them, which any artist might be proud of Ladies, when you have a leisure hour, walk in at 147 Warren Street, and examine their specimens.

The advertisement appeared on December 4, 1845.  North & Ives, Daguerreian Artists. Takes this method of informing the citizens of Hudson and its vicinity, that they will leave this city next week.  They therefore invite all who contemplate setting for their likenesses, to call as soon as practicable.

Likenesses taken in cloudy as well as clear weather, and warranted satisfactory.  Rooms in the Post Office building Warren street.

North & Ives are not recorded in other photographic directories.

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