Ira S. Negus

1856                50 Purchase Street, New Bedford, Massachusetts.[1]                                            1858                Rooms over J. E. Negus Store, Nichols’ Brick Building, Middlebury, Vermont.    1858                Rooms over Sol Parker’s Bookstore, Middlebury, Vermont.                                        1859                134½ Union Street, New Bedford, Massachusetts.[1]                                                                        1865                Address Unknown, New Bedford, Massachusetts.[1]                                                                        1867-1873     60½ Purchase Street, New Bedford, Massachusetts.[1]

Ira S. Negus was recorded in two advertisement in The Middlebury Register. (Middlebury, Vermont).  The first advertisement ran from February 10 to March 17, 1858.  A New Ambrotype Room!  Negus’s Gallery of patent Ambrotypes!  The finest display of Specimens in the Ambrotype Art are to be seen at Negus’s Gallery, where none but the Genuine Ambrotypes Are made, and at such prices as the public may demand.  All work executed by me is warranted second to none in this town or State.  Knowing I have the best facilities for producing the most pleasing Likenesses, I can safely say to all who are in want of a Superior Picture, to call and examine my work before engaging elsewhere, and I will guarantee to please all who may want a superior made Picture.  My assortment of Fancy Cases And Frames is complete, and will be sold as cheap as at any other gallery in the State.  The Patent Or Folding Ambrotype Is a durable picture, and will remain unchangeable in any climate.

An invitation is extended to all who may wish to examine the beauties of the Ambrotype Art.  Rooms over J. E. Negus’s Store, Nichols’ Brick Building, south end of the Bridge.  Ira S. Negus.

The second advertisement ran from May 12 to July 21, 1858.  Excelsior Gallery!  I would call the attention of my friends and the public to the Ambrotype Rooms, Over Sol Parker’s Bookstore.  Where Pictures will be executed in as good style and finish, and at prices lower than at any other Ambrotype Room in this village.

Having had several years experience in an Ambrotype Room where there was a small sky light, twenty-four by thirty feet, I think I am competent to use a Sky light in Middlebury.  I have fitted up my Rooms in a very neat style, but not gaudy.

I have been to great expense to make a very large Sky Light, by which I can take large groups, and also have light enough To Take A Child In Three Seconds.

My assortment of Plain and Fancy Cases, Frames and Gold Lockets, is all that the public can demand.  Please call and examine specimens and get a good Ambrotype if you desire one.  Ira S. Negus.

Ira S. Negus is listed in other photographic directories as being active in New Bedford, Massachusetts.

[1] Information from A Directory of Massachusetts Photographers 1839-1900.

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