Thomas Murphy

1851-1852       Allen’s Block, Opposite the Odd Fellows’ Hall, Ravenna, Ohio.

Thomas Murphy is recorded in one announcements and two advertisements in the Portage Sentinel (Ravenna, Ohio).  The announcement appeared on November 10, 1851.  Alone in his Gallery.—Morrill has purchased the interest of Mr. Murphy in the late firm of Morrill & Co., and is ‘going it alone.’  He will give you pictures true to the life in an incredible short space of time.  Call at his rooms and be able to see yourselves as others see you.

The first advertisement ran from March 15 to May 17, 1852.  Daguerreotypes, Mr. Thomas Murphy, having become sole proprietor of the rooms formerly occupied by B. S. Morrill and himself, has taken in to partnership Mr. C. Gorton. They would most respectfully announce to the ladies and gentlemen of Ravenna, and surrounding country, that they have fitted up the rooms, and are now ready to take pictures in a style not surpassed in the State.  No trouble will be spared to make every thing pleasant and agreeable, and give entire satisfaction.—Pictures taken for One Dollar and upwards.  A good variety of plain and fancy stock always on hand.

Call and see us.  Murphy & Gorton.  Ravenna, March 9, 1852.

Thomas Murphy is not recorded in other photographic directories.

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