Mrs. B. F. Morse

1858                Rooms in Sharp’s Block, Front Street, Opposite Post Office, Fremont, Ohio.

Mrs. B. F. Morse was recorded in an advertisement and announcement in the Fremont Journal (Fremont, Ohio).  The advertisement ran from September 10 to November 26, 1858.  Special Notice.  Mrs. B. F. Morse, Having taken the rooms formerly occupied by Dr. E. J. Conger, in Sharps Block, up-stairs, directly opposite the Post Office, Front street, which has been fitted up with all the fixtures necessary to carry on the Ambrotype Business, in all its varieties and styles.  Ladies and Gentlemen are requested to call and examine specimens.

The announcement appeared on November 26, 1858.  Ambrotyping.  We don’t believe there is a man, woman, or child but what likes to look at a good picture, whether it be a landscape, comic, romantic, or the “human face divine.”  Madam Sherer and Mrs. Morse are now taking pictures in Sharp’s building opposite the Post Office, which we think will please all who will take time to examine them.  Madam Sherer is a newcomer here and if she can give our citizens satisfaction in the art, will remain.  Her pictures are very fine.—We advise our friends, particularly the ladies, to call at the rooms of Mrs. Sherer & Morse.

Mrs. B. F. Morse is listed in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry as Mrs. Morse active in Fremont, Ohio in 1859-1860 in the partnership of Sherer & Morse.   

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