Mr. Mershon

1851                Address Unknown, Wilkinson, Mississippi.                                                                  1851                Address Unknown, Woodville, Mississippi.

Mr. Mershon is mentioned in an advertisement that ran from September 16 to 23, 1851 The Woodville Republican (Woodville, Mississippi).  Daguerreotype Pictures.  Mr. Wm. L. Jewell, assisted by Mr. Mershon, respectfully informs the citizens of Wilkinson and surrounding counties that they will start out on a travelling tour on Monday, 14th September, for a short time, in this part of the State, for the purpose of affording all those who may wish to obtain pictures of the above character an opportunity of so doing.  They use one of the best instruments in the United States, the new method, and latest improvements.  Mr. Jewell, having practiced under the best artist, and followed the business for the last three years, he pledges himself to render entire satisfaction.

Persons within a distance of fifty miles, wishing to have portraits of their families taken, by addressing a few lines to that effect to him at Woodville will be waited upon as soon as possible.

He will open his rooms in Woodville about the 1st of October.

Mr. Mershon is not recorded in other photographic directories.

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