1856                Rooms Washington Fire Co.’s Hall, over Elliott’s Saddlery, Evansville, Indiana.

Merritt was recorded in two advertisements and one announcement as Merritt and Company in The Evansville Daily Journal (Evansville, Indiana).  The first advertisement ran from October 30 to November 8, 1856.  Daguerreotypes For Fifty Cents, In Case Complete, by the New York Daguerreotype Company.  Rooms, Washington Fire Co.’s Hall, over Elliott’s Saddlery.  Pictures as good for Fifty Cents as can be had elsewhere for $150.  Pictures set in Rings, Lockets, &c., at the proportionately low prices.  Family Groups and all sizes and styles.  Merritt & Co.

The announcement appeared on October 31, 1856.  If you want a cheap Daguerreotype taken in good style, call at the Washington Fire Company’s Hall, on Main street.  Only fifty cents.

The second advertisement ran from December 9 to 29, 1856.  Daguerreotypes For 50 Cents.  In consequence of the immense success, of the New-York Daguerreotype Co. in this city, they will continue open until further notice.  Daguerreotypes as usual for 50 cents, complete in a neat Morocco case, and warranted large size Family Troupe Pictures, set in Pins Lockets &c., at proportionately low prices.  Rooms in Washington Hall, over Elliott’s Saddlery, Main street. Merritt & Co.

Merritt is not recorded in other photographic directories.

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