Uriah E. May

1856                Rooms above Capt. Arnold’s Store, Bedford, Pennsylvania.

Uriah E. May was recorded in an announcement and an advertisement in the Bedford Inquirer and Chronicle (Bedford, Pennsylvania).  The announcement appeared on June 6, 1856. We call attention to the advertisement of Mr. Uriah E. May.  His Daguerrean Rooms is in the new frame building above the store room of Capt. Arnold.  His pictures are highly praised.

The advertisement appeared on June 6, 1856.  O Yes!  Ladies and Gentlemen, call I this way if you please, and have a true likeness of yourselves taken.  Having opened out a new Daguerrean Establishment a few doors west of the Bedford Hotel, I am prepared to execute likenesses in the various styles.  Miniatures set in lockets, medallions, breastpins, etc.  Common and fancy cases just received from the city.  No pains will be spared in trying to suit all who shall give me a call.  I shall remain here but a short time, and persons wanting pictures will please call in soon.  U. E. May.

Uriah E. May is not recorded in other photographic directories.

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