Mr. McIntyre

1854                Address Unknown, Camden, Ohio.

Mr. McIntyre was recorded on May 2, 1854 in an announcement in The Daily Dispatch (Richmond, Virginia).  Some time since, a roving daguerrean artist, named McIntyre, whose range was in counties north of this, deserted his wife, who had accompanied him, and wrote to her that he was going to Australia; but took occasion to halt at Camden, in Preble county, and there managed to marry a Miss Runion.  His conduct excited suspicion, and he had to leave.  His first wife followed him and finally treed him some where in the interior of the state of New York.  The grand jury of Preble county found a bill against McIntyre for perjury and bigamy, and the other day, accompanied by both his wives and an officer, he passed this way, en route for Eaton, where he awaits trial.—Cincinnati Commercial.

Mr. McIntyre is not recorded in other photographic directories.

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