P. P. Lounsbery

1852                Address Unknown, Hannibal, Missouri.

P. P. Lounsbery was recorded in an announcement that appeared on May 27, 1852 in the Hannibal Journal (Hannibal, Missouri). P. P. Lounsbery’s Daguerreotypes are the best we have ever seen; the most perfectly life-like.  Many who examine them, we venture to say, will have their old pictures rubbed off, and new ones instead.  Mr. Lounsbery has no other business; he never learned any other, and learned this with an intention of obtaining a living by it.  He therefore understands it well; takes pride in it, and of course is more to be trusted than those half-made daguerreotypists who pick up a smattering of this business, when they get idle and out of funds, and stroll into the country on a three months’ cruise, to print libels on people’s faces, at a dollar or two dollars apiece!

N. B.—Mr. L. invites the ladies, and assures us that his rooms will always be a suitable place for them to visit.

P. P. Lounsbery is not listed in other photographic directories. Craig’s Daguerreian Registry does list a P. Lounsberry as being active in Burlington, Iowa 1850-1851 It is unknown if they are the same person. The distance between Burlington, Iowa and Hannibal, Missouri is about 95 miles by land.

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