(A. G.) Da Lee

1859             Address Unknown, Lawrence, Kansas.

(A. G.) Da Lee was recorded in three announcements and one advertisement in The Kansas Herald of Freedom (Wakarusa, Kansas, Territory).  The first announcement appeared on January 1, 1859.  Photographic Artist.  We invite the attention of our readers to the advertisement of Mr. Da Lee, which it will be an object for all persons to consult at this season of the year. A good picture of one’s self is about as pretty a New Year’s present as can be made to a friend, and quite as likely to be treasured as of inestimable value.  Persons bound for the gold region in the Spring, should procure duplicate copies, and forward to all persons having an interest in them.  Mr. Da Lee is acquainted with all the different modes of taking pictures by the sun’s rays, and readily transfers one’s shadow to a silver plate, glass, marble, iron or leather, and fastens it there in a durable manner.  We had the pleasure of visiting his rooms a few days ago, and found them fitted up in the very best style, with a splendid skylight.  After once getting a good likeness, he has the art of multiplying them to any extent without the necessity of an extra sitting.  Go in and get a picture and present it to your friend or lover.

The advertisement ran from January 1 to March 12, 1859.  Pictures!  Mr. Da Lee Is always prepared to take Pictures of any style, in all kinds of weather, at his Gallery in Lawrence.  Those wishing to send a Likeness by letter to their friends, can obtain one, which will make no extra postage, and warranted to please.  Please call and examine specimens.

The second announcement  appeared on October 15, 1859.  Douglas County Agricultural Society.—The Fair….Class twenty was filled by artist of this city, and attracted universal attention.  A. G. Da Lee exhibited several of his beautiful photographs and ambrotypes, which were never excelled in beauty and quality in any Eastern city….

The third announcement appeared on October 15, 1859.  Photographs of Lawrence.  Mr. Da Lee is photographing views of Lawrence from a designs by A. Conant.  The design is admirably drawn, and the photographs are in the best style of the art.  They can be obtained at the low price of $2.50 each.

(A. G.) Da Lee is not recorded in other photographic directories.

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