J. Lantz

1852-1853       Rooms at the Melick’s Hotel, Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.

J. Lantz appears in an announcement and two advertisements in the Jefferson Republican (Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania). The announcement ran on September 30, 1852. The card of Mr. J. Lantz, Daguerreotypist, will be found in another column of to-days Republican.  Mr. L. has taken a number of likenesses, of persons in this place, which have been persons in this place, which have been pronounced by those competent to judge A No. 1.

The first advertisement ran from September 30 to December 16, 1852. Daguerreotypes.  Pictures taken at J. H. Melick’s Hotel, for the low price of 75 cents and upwards, including case, color, and preserver; and warranted not to fade.  The subscriber having been engaged in the art of daguerreotyping a long time, and in possession of a first rate apparatus, flatters himself that by careful attention to his business, he can take likenesses equal to any that are taken in the country.  Perfect satisfaction given or no charge.  Liberal deductions made where whole families are taken.  Pictures taken in all kinds of weather.

The second advertisement ran from December 23, 1852 to April 14, 1853.  Dentistry.  J. Lantz, Surgeon Dentist, has permanently located himself in Stroudsburg for the purpose of practicing dentistry in all its branches.  The citizens of the above named place and the public generally and respectfully invite to give him a call.  No pains will be spared to render perfect satisfaction.  For the quality of his work reference may be had to those who have received his professional services.—All jobs warranted.  Rooms at Melike’s Hotel.

Daguerreotype Likenesses. Taken at Mellicks Hotel in a superior manner.

J. Lantz does not appear in other photographic directories.


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