S. Kennedy

1852                  Rooms opposite Ingersoll Block, Pulaski, New York.                                              1852-1853       Rooms in the old Clerks Office, opposite Ingersoll Block, Pulaski, New York  1852-1853       Rooms over Kinny & Cooper Clothing Store, Mexico, New York.

S Kennedy was recorded in two advertisements that were recorded in the Northern Democrat. (Pulaski, New York). The first advertisement ran from May 13 to June 22, 1852.  Skylight Daguerrean Rooms.  S. Kennedy, Respectfully informs the inhabitants of Pulaski and the adjoining country that he has fitted up Daguerrian Rooms in the village of Pulaski, and is now prepared to take pictures in a manner unsurpassed elsewhere.  His long experience in the art, a very superior instrument, perfect plates, and fine arrangement of side and sky lights, give him assurances of being abundantly able to make good this promise.  He has on hand beautiful pearl, tortoise shell, and morocco cases. Paintings and engravings copied.  His prices will be as low as pictures can be obtained elsewhere.

His rooms are opposite the Ingersoll block, 2d door north of Angell & Seeley’s store.

The second advertisement ran from October 14, 1852 to February 3, 1853.  5,000 Cash Customers Wanted.  S. Kennedy.  Has resumed the Daguerrean Business is the village of Pulaski and Mexico, and would announce to the public, that he will hereafter keep his rooms open in Pulaski the two weeks coming with the first Monday of each Month and in Mexico the last two weeks of each month.  By this arrangement he will be enabled to give his personal attention to the taking of all pictures at either of his rooms.  He will furnish as good pictures as any other artist, having all the requisite facilities, and several years experience.

A full assortment of cases, lockets, pins, &c. will at all times be found at his rooms, on the most reasonable terms.  Every body should have pictures taken; his pictures will suit every body, and his prices will come within the means of everybody.  Come right along.  Office in Pulaski, in the old clerks office, opposite the Ingersoll Block—in Mexico over Kinny & Cooper clothing store.  Remember in Pulaski the two first and in Mexico the two last weeks of each month.  October 1, 1852.

S. Kennedy is not listed in other photographic directories.

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