Mr. Kellogg

1856                Rooms in Hebert’s Ball Room, Plaquemine, Louisiana.

Mr. Kellogg was recorded in two announcement and an advertisement in the Southern Sentinel  (Plaquemine, Louisiana).  The first announcement appeared on July 26, 1856. Mr. Kellogg.  It will be seen by his card, that this gentleman, who has the reputation of being a fine artist, has opened daguerrean Rooms in Hebert’s Ball Room, where he will remain for a short time for the benefit of those who wish to transmit their features to posterity.  Mr. Kellogg guarantees to give full satisfaction, or no pay.

The advertisement ran from July 26 to September 6, 1856.  Daguerrean.  “To-morrow may be too late.”  Mr. Kellogg respectfully informs the public that he has opened rooms in Michel Hebert’s Hall, Plaquemine, where he is prepared to take likenesses of Every Size and put them up in a style superior to any ever taken in this place heretofore.

Operating Hours, from 8 A. M. to 5 P. M.

The second announcement appeared on September 6, 1856.  “To-morrow may be too late.”  We believe that Mr. Kellogg, who has been sojourning with us some time in the pursuit of his beautiful art, contemplates leaving to-morrow.  Those who want Daguerreotypes than, had better take advantage of the present day.  “To-Morrow may be too late” in more senses than one.

Mr. Kellogg is not recorded in other photographic directories as being active in Plaquemine, Louisiana.  It is possible that he is S. N. Kellogg (which will be posted tomorrow).

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