J. D. Keeler

1845                  Rooms at Mrs. Mellons, over the Bank, Yazoo City, Mississippi.

J. D. Keeler was recorded in an announcement and an advertisement in The Yazoo City Whig (Yazoo City, Mississippi). The announcement appeared on March 7, 1845.  Photographic Likenesses.  It will be seen by reference to our advertising columns, that Mr. J. D. Keeler is now in this place, and prepared to take Photographic Likenesses by the Daguerreotype Process.  That Mr. Keeler is a perfect master of the art, we have not a doubt, as we see his likenesses, wherever he has been, spoken of in the highest terms of commendation.  Indeed, Mr. Keeler brought us letters from gentlemen of the first respectability, testifying to the fact.  Those who wish their likenesses taken, will do well to give him a trial.  We would advise some young men in this place, to have their likenesses taken, and present them to their lady-love.  Will you do it?

The advertisement ran from March 7 to 14, 1845.  Photographic Likenesses, By The Daguerreotype Process.  Mr. J. D. Keeler, would respectfully announce to the citizens of Yazoo City, and vicinity, that he has opened his room at Mrs. Mellons, over the Bank, for a very short time only.  Those who wish likenesses by this inimitable process, and in the most perfect style of the art, will do well to improve the present opportunity.  Likenesses taken in only a few seconds sitting, and in every case, entire satisfaction guaranteed.  March 6th, 1845.

J. D. Keeler does not appear in other photographic directories.

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