J . E. Hugget

1855                A few doors east of the M. E. Church, Eaton, Ohio.

J . E. Hugget was recorded in one advertisement and one announcement.  The advertisement ran from April 19 to July 26, 1855 in the Eaton Democrat (Eaton, Ohio).  Sky-Light Daguerreotype Pavilion.  The undersigned takes great pleasure in announcing to the Ladies and Gentlemen of Eaton and surrounding country that he is now in town, and is prepared to furnish all lovers of Nature’s delicate pencillings, with a correct likeness of themselves or friends, by calling at his room, and taking a seat under the mellow light, as it flows from heaven’s boundless arch, imparting to nature her true form.

He is prepared to take Likenesses, of all sizes, from the smallest Miniature to the half size form.  Pictures taken in cloudy, fully as well as in clear weather.  Ladies and Gentlemen are invited to call and examine Specimens and Stock.  Office open from 7 A. M., to 6 P. M.  J. E. Hugget, Daguerreotypist.

The announcement ran on May 24, 1855 in the Eaton Democrat (Eaton, Ohio).  The superiority of Huggett’s Daguerreotype Likenesses is Apparent to the most casual observer.  Their striking correctness, fine tone and beautiful finish, gives them precedence over all others.  His rooms are a few doors east of the M. E. Church, where all who want correct likenesses of themselves or friends will do well to call.

J . E. Hugget is not recorded in other photographic directories.

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