Frederick W. Houghton

1852                First Door North of the Orthodox Church, Petersham, Massachusetts.

F. W. Houghton was recorded in an advertisement and an announcement in the Barre Gazette (Barre, Massachusetts). The advertisement appeared on September 3, 1852, Vol. 9, No. 19, P. 3.  F. W. Houghton’s, Daguerreian Rooms, First Door North of the Orthodox Church, Are now in operation, for the accommodation of all, who wish perfect likenesses of themselves or friends. Pictures copied from Portraits, Daguerreotypes, Paintings, &c.

Also, taken from deceased persons, and invalids, if required, and neatly set in Lockets, Pins, Frames, Cases, &c.  Perfect Satisfaction Guarantied, in all cases, or “No Charge.”  He respectfully solicits a share a share of the public patronage.  Fred’k W. Houghton, Artist. Petersham, Aug. 20, 1852.

The announcement appeared on September 10, 1852.  Frederick W. Houghton’s, Daguerreotype Artist.  Petersham, Mass.  First door North of the Orthodox Church.

Frederick W. Houghton is not listed in A Directory of Massachusetts Photographers 1839-1900 or other photographic directories.

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