L. Haynes

1850                Rooms at the Franklin House, up-stairs, Fremont, Ohio.                                              1851                Rooms In the Hall 3d Story Buckland’s Building, Fremont, Ohio.

L. Haynes was recorded in two advertisements and one announcement in the Fremont Weekly Freeman (Fremont, Ohio). The first advertisement ran from July 27 to August 24, 1850. Daguerreotypes. Daguerreian Likenesses, taken in all forms, and in the most approved styles by L. Haynes.  Miniatures enveloped in Frames, Cases, Lockets, Ladies’ Bracelets, Pins, Finger-rings, &c.

Ladies should always dress in Dark.  A Dark scarf is the most suitable neck dress for the Gentlemen.  Rooms—At the Franklin House, up-stairs: where he will remain a few days only.  The Ladies and gentlemen of Fremont and vicinity, are respectfully invited to call and examine his specimens, which he does not hesitate to compare with the most efficient operators.  Operating hours from 8 A. M., until 5 P. M.

The announcement appeared on June 21, 1851.  Mr. L. Haynes’ Daguerrean advertisement in the Freeman to-day, should be ready by all who want good likenesses of themselves or friends.  We have examined some of his pictures, and find them fully equal to any we have before seen.

The second advertisement ran from June 21 to September 20, 1851.  Admittance Free.  New Daguerrean rooms In the Hall 3d Story Buckland’s Building.  Daguerrean Likenesses taken in the most approved styles, fully developing the highest improvement of the Art, By L. Haynes, who will render his services to the citizens of Fremont and vicinity for a short time only.  From his long experience and through knowledge of the business, (being in possession of a quick working instrument of a superior quality which will enable him to take pictures in all kinds of weather) he does not hesitate to warrant perfect satisfaction to any who may favor him with a call—and

Of these for whom you find emotions cherish,                                                                                              Secure the shadow, ere the substance perish.

Miniatures enveloped in frames, cases, lockets, ladies bracelets, pins. Finger-rings, &c.  N. B.  The subscriber has also a splendid assortment of Gold Lockets, which he will offer at a very low rate.

Come and see for Yourselves.  Ladies should always, if convenient, dress in dark.  A dark scarf is the most suitable neck dress for gentlemen.  Instructions in the art will be given on reasonable terms.      Opening hours from 8 A. M. to 5 P. M.

L. Haynes is not recorded in other photographic directories.

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