J. R. Hartsock

1851                Rooms at Gordy’s Hotel, Franklin, Louisiana.

J R Hartsock was recorded in two announcements in The Planters’ Banner (Franklin, Louisiana).  The first announcement appeared on February 27, 1851.  Mr. J. R. Hartsock, a Daguerreotypist of considerable notoriety in his profession, has arrived here from New Orleans, and may be seen for a few days at Mr. Gordy’s Hotel, where he has a room fitted up and everything in full preparation for taking likenesses of every size—and good ones, too—on the most reasonable terms, and warranted to give full satisfaction.  He has already taken some excellent ones during his short sojourn, which he will take pleasure in exhibiting to those who wish to see them, by calling as above, where he may be found at all hours throughout the day.

The second announcement appeared on February 27, 1851.  To the Public.  Having, on account of previous engagements, been compelled to leave Franklin before I finished all the work I had promised to do, I take this opportunity to express the high sense of gratitude I feel towards my friends and acquaintances in the parish of St. Mary, for the kindness and patronage I received from them during the short stay I made among them, and particularly to my worthy friend, Mr. Rundell, whom I found extremely courteous and kind.  I would also say to those of my friends who may wish work in my line, that they had better call upon Mr. Rundell very soon, and have their pictures taken, as he intends leaving in a short time, and I can assure them that they will get as good work from him as they can from any other artist in America.  J. R. Hartsock, Daguerreotypist.

J R. Hartsock is not recorded in other photographic directories.

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