S. W. Halsee

1845                Address Unknown, Edgefield, South Carolina.

S. W. Halsee was recorded in an announcement on September 10, 1845 in the Edgefield Advertiser (Edgefield, South Carolina). Daguerreotype Pictures.—We have seen a number of Daguerreotype pictures executed by Mr. S. W. Halsee, an Artist, who has for some time past been operating in our Village. We but concur with the general opinion, in pronouncing the pictures of Mr. H. most excellent.  Several of them are of the gentler sex, true to life, and of course beautiful.

The pictures are generally colored and have a high finish about them.  On several of them, in the back ground, the Artist gives views of beautiful scenery, such as mountains and trees in full foliage.  He frequently throws in pictures of other objects to please himself or the person who sits for the likeness.  The daguerreotypes are all gilded, and doubtless will be permanent.  Mr. Halsee takes likenesses at a very reasonable rate, and evinces great anxiety to please.  We commend this gentleman to the liberal patronage of the public, and hope that he will receive numerous and substantial tokens of their high regard.

S. W. Halsee does not appear in other photographic directories.

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