D. Haas

1853                3 Exchange Block, King Street, Alexandria, Virginia.                                                  1855                Address Unknown, Alexandria, Virginia.

D. Haas was recorded in one announcement and one advertisement in the Daily Evening Star (Washington, D. C). The advertisement ran from August 18 to November 25, 1853. Alexandria Daguerrean Gallery Exchange Block, changed hands.  D. Haas having bought out the entire interest of E. L. Brockett in the above Gallery, and replenished his stock with a beautiful variety of new Plain and Fancy Cases, Lockets, Rings, Pins, and Ornamental Frames, is prepared to take Pictures with every improvement in the Art.

Pictures taken in any weather and warranted to give entire satisfaction.  He will not permit any Pictures to leave the Gallery that are not perfect.  Miniatures for lockets, Rings, and other Ornaments taken in the best possible manner an on the most reasonable terms.  The Public are requested to call and examine for themselves.  Remember the place—the only Daguerrean Gallery in Alexandria, No. 3 Exchange Block, King street, Alexandria,  Va.

The announcement appeared on December 15, 1855.  Alexandria Correspondence.  Alexandria, Dec. 15, 1855…The Ladies Fair at Sarepta Hall continues to be the centre of evening gayety…

Among the principal objects of public interest here is the memorial prepared by Mr. Haas, at his daguerrean gallery, to the victims of the recent calamity by the fire.  I[t] consists of a unique frame, enclosing admirable likenesses of the fallen firemen around a circle, in which is daguerreotyped the inscription, “The victims of the fire on King street, November 17, 1855:  Their memory is enshrined in the hearts of their fellow citizens.”  The tout ensemble is really beautiful, and Mr. H. deserves equal praise for his skill as for his public spirit.

D. Haas was recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry in Alexandria, Virginia from 1860 to 1871.

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