1852                49 Owego Street, Ithaca, New York.

Graves was recorded in the partnership of Clark & Graves in an advertisement that ran from April 21 to September 15, 1852 in the Ithaca Journal and Advertiser (Ithaca, New York).  Something New.  Messrs. Clark & Graves, Would respectfully announce to the citizens of Ithaca and its vicinity, that they have just opened a beautiful and convenient suit of rooms for taking Daguerreotypes, at No. 49 Owego-st., Over T. C. Thompson’s Tailor Store, where they are prepared to furnish those who will favor them with their patronage Perfect Likenesses, and at the same time rich mellow toned pictures, and entirely different style of type than has heretofore been offered to this public.  We have spared no expense or pains in arranging and furnishing out rooms, and from experience can say; that we have better arranged light, and rooms, than any Gallery in this Vicinity.— We have a large Sky-Light connected with a Side-light, either of which we can use, or both in connection, therefore the most fastidious can be suited.  Our Instruments are the best that can be procured—one whole size; and a ¼ size quick worker, by which pictures of children can be made in from 1 to 4 seconds.  We have also purchased a large stock of cases and frames, of the latest styles and patterns, which will enable us to accommodate individuals with pictures of all prices, varying from $1 to $20.  Ladies and gentlemen in the country are particularly invited to call and examine our specimens.  Pictures taken in cloudy weather equally as good as in clear.  Please give us a call and try.

Do not forget the place No. 49 Owego-street, over T. C. Thompson’s Tailor Shop—entrance first door east of L. S. Blue’s shoe store.  Please observe the big sign marked F. C. Clark’s Daguerrean Gallery.

F. C. Clark & Graves are not recorded in other photographic directories.  At the moment Clark and Graves are both unknown.  One can speculate that the F. C. Clark is Frederick J. Clark (one of the Clark Brothers) but their address during this time period in Ithaca was at 37 Oswego Street.  According to Craig’s Daguerreian Registry Edward R. Graves was in Lockport, New York which was about 149 miles away.

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