Joseph Gould, Jr.

1851                Rooms at H. Moor’s Hall, Middlebury, Vermont.

Joseph Gould, Jr. was recorded in an advertisement that ran from March 12 to 26, 1851 The Middlebury Register (Middlebury, Vermont).  Daguerreotype Miniatures.  Joseph Gould, Jr., Would respectfully invite the attention of the Ladies and Gentlemen of the vicinity, to his Splendid Daguerreotype Miniatures, with or without colors, which he is now executing at his rooms, at H. Moor’s Hall.

By the aid of New Chemical Agents, most splendid results are obtained; and multitudes are being delighted daily at the astonishing perfection to which, in point of delineation, boldness, and unerring truthfulness, this Art has so suddenly attained. In an instant, as it were, upon the shining silver surface, is portrayed the laughing countenance of joyous youth, with all its freshness.  From the most aged to the veriest child, it is equally applicable as the unerring delineator of life.  Delay not, then, as opportunity shall present, to secure one, two, three, or six, of these mementoes of life, which, under the trying circumstances of a final separation from friends, no price can purchase, Miniatures Taken every day, (and satisfaction warranted or no charge) without regard to weather, in any style, in Lockets of any size or description, or in common cases, Prices varying from $1 to $5.  Middlebury, March 6, 1851.

Joseph Gould, Jr. is not recorded in other photographic directories.

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