E. M. Fielding

1844                Room at D. L. Fouquet’s Hotel, Plattsburgh, New York.

E. M. Fielding was recorded in an advertisement that ran on June 15 & 22, 1844 in the Plattsburgh Republican (Plattsburgh, New York). Encourage the Fine Arts! Mr. E. M. Fielding, Portrait Painter, Would say to the inhabitants of Plattsburgh and vicinity that he has taken room at D. L. Fouquet’s Hotel, on the 2d floor, (No. 12.) and would say to those that wish to get a good likeness, that he offers his services, feeling himself competent for the task, to transfer to the canvas so like the original that they can have the pleasure of seeing themselves as they are seen by others.  No half way work need be expected—either a good likeness, or not any—that is his motto.  Having been engaged in his profession for nearly ten years, and given satisfaction to his employers in New York and other southern states, he flatters himself that he can do work (in the pleasant village of Plattsburgh,) satisfactory to all those that may wish to employ him.

Please call and examine his work at the above named place.  Mr. F. offers for sale a first rate Daguerreotype Apparatus together with chemicals, plates and cases.  Any one wishing to purchase will not find a better opportunity.  Instructions gratis.

E. M. Fielding is not listed in other photographic directories.

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