H. D. Doane

1845                Gallery over C. F, Staniford & Co.’s store, Burlington, Vermont.

H. D. Doane was recorded in an advertisement that ran from October 24 to November 21, 1845

In the Burlington Free Press (Burlington, Vermont).  Daguerreotype.  H. D. Doane, From New York, Has opened his Gallery of Colored Daguerreotypes over C. F. Staniford & Co.’s Store, An opportunity is now offered to the citizens of Burlington and vicinity, to obtain faithful and accurate Likenesses which will be finished in a style greatly superior to any before offered in this vicinity.  How often has the regret been expressed by hundreds that they do not possess the likeness of a departed friend or relation, which might call up such associations of that friend as would distinctly bring him to mind. The present is a favorable moment to obtain these valuable likenesses, which are no less than the very impressions of the human face divine, made upon plates of silver by the pencil of nature, and not the mere fancy of the artist.

The citizens are respectfully invited to call and examine specimens of this art brought to its highest state of perfection.  Those wishing to engage in the business will find it an excellent opportunity.  Stock and Apparatus constantly on hand, and will be furnished as low as can be purchased in any city.

H. D. Doane is not recorded in other photographic directories.

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