E. O. Cook

1850                Rooms at F. A. Miller’s, Shalersville, Ohio.

E. O. Cook was recorded in an advertisement that ran on March 4 & 11, 1850 in the Portage Sentinel (Ravenna, Ohio). Pro Bono Publico! E. O. Cook’s Daguerreotypes.  Prices from $1.50 to $10.00 according to the size and quality of the frame or case.  Rooms At F. A. Miller’s, Shalersville.  In consideration of our advantages to obtain a thorough knowledge of the art both chemical and operative, having spared neither time, money or pains to perfect ourselves in the business; and having had for a season the charge of T. B. Shew’s Daguerrian Gallery, of Philadelphia, as well as an opportunity of visiting the other popular galleries of the city, to observe the different styles of pictures, we feel safe in warranting our pictures to be artistic in style, shade and position, superior for strength and beauty of tone, and as durable as the substance upon which they are taken, which is silver; and we are determined that no picture, except it be of this character shall leave our room.

As the opinion has prevailed to some extent that these pictures will fade in time we would say, no person having any sense of honor, and acquainted with his business, will put up a picture that will fade, as a picture rightly taken and gilded is secured by the gilding; being in this way made permanent upon the silver, and protected by the transparent surface of gold which unites chemically with the plate, removing the possibility of a change.

Our thanks are due the inhabitants of Shalersville for their liberal patronage during the time we have been in the place, and we hope those who wish for pictures would come in soon as we intend to leave in a few days.  Feb. 20, 1850.

E. O. Cook is not recorded in other photographic directories. Note the February 20, 1850 date at the end of the advertisement. He was in Shalersville, Ohio at least two weeks before the first advertisement was found on March 4.

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