N. Cassedy

1855-1856       Pike Street, opposite Kophman’s Store, Port Jervis, New York.

N. Cassedy was recorded in two advertisement in the Tri-State Union (Port Jervis, New York.) The first appeared on December 6, 1855 and ran until February 7, 1856. Cassedy’s Daguerrean Gallery.  Open every day. Sunday excepted, from 9 a. m., until 5 o’clock p. m.  Gallery opposite Kophman’s Store, Pike Street, Port Jervis, where Pictures are taken in all the improved styles of the art, and warranted to give perfect satisfaction.  N. Cassedy.  Dec. 6, 1855.

N. B.—Having business South I have sold my interest in the Daguerrean Rooms at Port Jervis to Mr. N. Cassedy. The Rooms which have been neatly fitted up and newly furnished, are now in nice order. To those that want a good picture I would say give him a call.       G. J. Smith.     Port Jervis, Dec. 1, 1855.

The second advertisement appeared on February 14 and ran until May 8, 1856.  Now Is The Time For A Daguerreotype.  At N. Cassedy’s Sky Light Daguerrean Rooms where pictures are taken and warranted to give satisfaction or no charge.—Daguerreotypes copied from others at short notice.  Gallery opposite Kophman’s Store, Pike Street, Port Jervis.      N. Cassedy.

N. Cassedy does not appear in other photographic directories. George J. Smith is active in Savannah Georgia from 1856-1860[1] and is probably the same person.

[1] Early Georgia Photographers, 1841 – 1861: a Biographical Checklist, Compiled by E. Lee Eltzroth


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