F. W. Capwell & Brother

1846                Rooms at the National Hotel, Joliet, Illinois.                                                      1846                Rooms at the Exchange Hotel, Joliet, Illinois.                                                      1846                Address Unknown, Lockport, Illinois.

F. W. Capwell and Brother were recorded in three announcements in the Juliet Signal (Joliet, Illinois) the first one appeared on November 24, 1846. Daguerreotype Likeness.—Messrs. F. W. Capwell & Brother, Daguerrian Artist, have taken Rooms at the National Hotel, where they are prepared to take the above likenesses. Those who wish their likenesses taken, should apply soon as it is probable they will not remain long in this place.

The second on December 8, 1846.  Mr. Capwell Daguerreotypist, will remain a few days longer at the Exchange Hotel, in this place, where he is prepared to take Miniature Likenesses for all who may call on him.  Judging from the specimens we have seen, we feel free to advise all who desire their likenesses in a life-like manner, to give Mr. Capwell a call.  His prices are so low, comparatively, that families, and those who may be drawn together by the ties friendship, can have exact miniatures for a trifling sum.

And the third on December 15, 1846.  Mr. F. W. Capwell, the daguerreotypist, is now in Lockport.  He is authorized to obtain subscribers for the Signal.

F. W. Capwell and Brother are not recorded in other photographic directories.

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