S. C. Bullard

1852                Dr. Peak’s Building, Cooperstown, New York.

S. C. Bullard was recorded in the Freeman’s Journal (Cooperstown, New York) three time starting with an advertisement that ran from October 15 to December 31, 1852 and then two announcements.  Daguerreotypes.  Mr. S. C. Bullard Has Opened A Daguerrean Gallery in Dr. Peak’s building, second story, where he will at all times be in readiness to take miniatures of individuals and family groups, which for depth on tone and bust like appearance, clear and life-like expression of the eye and beautiful blending of light and shade, need only to be seen to be appreciated, as likenesses worthy to be possessed by every one.  With my process and improved instruments, a cloudy day is as favorable for adults as any other.  For children a clear day, between 10 and 3 is preferable.  Whether visitors wish pictures or not, he will at all times be happy to see them.

The first announcement ran on December 17, 1852.  Daguerreotypes.—Now is the time to procure a good Daguerreotype.  Mr. Burnett, in Story’s building, adjoining this office, and Mr. Bullard, in Dr. Peak’s building, nearly opposite, are both taking excellent pictures.  We don’t pretend to say which takes the best.—Those who examine them can judge for themselves.  Don’t you want one for a New Year present to some friend?

The second announcement ran on December 31, 1852.  Daguerreotypes.  Bullard Is Still Taking Those beautiful life-like pictures, never-fading Daguerreotypes, which he puts up in neat Morocco, velvet-lined cases for One Dollar.  Rooms in Dr. Peak’s Building.

S. C. Bullard does not appear in other photographic directories.  See Bullard (in tomorrows post) possibly same person.

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