Samuel Bolliard

Samuel Bolliard was recorder in an article on July 28, 1858 in The Ashland Union (Ashland, Ohio.)  Attempted Murder at Mansfield.—A bold and outrageous attempt was made upon the life of Mr. J. H. Cook, proprietor of the Wiler House, Mansfield, on Saturday last, by a man named Samuel Bolliard, a Daguerrean artist.  It appears that Bolliard was indebted to Mr. Cook about seventy dollars for board, and the latter gave him notice that he must liquidate his indebtedness or leave the house.  After a time Bolliard returned with a revolver, and without any other notice of hostile intentions, approached Mr. Cook, who was engaged behind the counter of his office, and presented his pistol and fired, the ball entering in the region of the thigh.  Following up his murderous design, he made successive attempts to discharge the contents of two other barrels, pointing the muzzle of his pistol directly at the breast of Mr. C.

The excuse of Bolliard that Mr. Cook had offered any insult to his wife, will not be credited by any of the numerous acquaintances of Mr. C. who hold him in high esteem as a thorough gentleman in all the relations of life.

Bolliard was immediately arrested, and after an examination before the Mayor on failure to give the necessary bond which was fixed at $2,000, was committed to jail.  The wound of Mr. Cook is painful, but is not considered dangerous.  The ball has not be extracted.

Samuel Bolliard is not recorded in other photographic directories.

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