Professor James Van Zandt Blaney

Professor James Van Zandt Blaney was recorded in the May 18, 1849 Keowee Courier (Pickens Court House, South Carolina.)    Talbotype Drawing.—A friend of ours has sent us a specimen of Talbotype drawing, an improvement on daguerreotyping, which consists in fixing the object on paper instead of on a metal plate.  It is a new invention, and the picture before us-a cottage, the residence of Dr. Blaney, in Chicago—is remarkably clear and distinct.  We are not aware that any pictures after the Talbotype method have yet been taken in New Orleans.  The one under notice was executed by Dr. Blaney, Professor of Chemistry in the Medical College of Chicago, who, we are informed, has made still further improvements in this beautiful art.—N. O. Pic.

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