Benson & Wright

Benson & Wright were recorded in the Glasgow Weekly Times (Glasgow, Missouri) in an announcement on January 15, 1857.  Improved Ambrotypes.  Messrs. Benson & Wright, Ambrotypist, have opened a Gallery on First Street, opposite the Post Office, where they are prepared, with “Heaven’s own light,” to produce facsimiles of features and form, of all who will give them a call.  Their specimens are the best that we have seen, and those desiring a good likeness should call early as their stay is Limited.  Mr. Benson is one of the best operators in the country, having had long experience, which combined with his good taste, places him at the head of his profession.  He has some entirely new, and beautiful improvements.

On January 22, 1857 in the same newspaper another announcement appears.  Superb Ambrotypes.  We are not in the habit of puffing everyone and everything, but when we see those engaged in any business or profession who really deserve it, we take great pleasure in recommending them to the public.  Prof. Benson and Dr. Wright (We add the Prof. and Dr. to keep up with the times), Ambrotypist, are of the latter class, and we can cheerfully recommend them to all who want good pictures:  As they will remain only a few days longer, we advise our friends, if they want true likenesses of themselves, to call soon, for an opportunity like the present, does not often occur.—We had thought, when we commenced this article, that we would give a description of their pictures, but we feel confident that we could not do them justice.  Suffice to say there is life, beauty and perfection in their productions, that we have never seen equaled in Photography.  Then go and see for yourselves, and we are satisfied you will not leave without your likeness.  Gallery opposite the Post Office, where they are prepared to take miniatures, at all times, regardless of the weather.

Where no first names are associated with the announcements it is just speculation to associate them with other known photographers.  Both Benson and Wright are not recorded in other photographic directories nor have I been able to connect them through my research.   I do have some possible candidates but it is only speculation until further research can be found.  W. Benson and W. B. Benson are both listed in the early 1850’s.  They possibly are the same person but only further research can answer that question.  John Craig does list W. Benson in his registry in 1851 in Boonville, Missouri without an address.  Likewise Marcus Wright was recorded in the Illinois And Missouri State Directory for 1854-1855, but no further records or advertisements have been found.

Benson, W.                                                                                                                                                        1850                Over J. C. Davis old Store, Glasgow, Missouri.                                                      1851                Court House, Fayette, Missouri.                                                                                  1851                Address Unknown, Boonville, Missouri.[1]

Benson, W. B.                                                                                                                                          1852                Rooms at the Glasgow House, Glasgow, Missouri.                                                  1853                Rooms in the Female Seminary, Glasgow, Missouri.                                                1853                Court House, Huntsville, Missouri.

Wright, Marcus                                                                                                                                          1854                105 Market, St. Louis, Missouri.

[1] Information from Craig’s Daguerreian Registry

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