Mrs. Allen

Mrs. Allen from Wisconsin is recorded three times in the St. Cloud Democrat, published in St. Cloud, Minnesota on May 19, 1859.  She has taken the Flower House on Third Avenue and is taking ambrotypes.  On June 16—Mrs. Allen having her new room with an excellent sky-light complete, is now able to furnish our citizens with fac similes of their faces.  The terms are reasonable; and she will take produce, butter, eggs, beef or breadstuff in exchange for pictures. On August 25 the third announcement appears—Mrs. Allen has been taking landscape views which are unsurpassed for clearness and fidelity.  One of the Democrat office, we have never seen equaled.  Our citizens should not neglect to avail themselves of this means of getting counterfeit presentments of their many beautiful homes.  We can think of no more agreeable present to a distant friend than a view of the new home in the far distant West; and no other advertisement of this country could approach Ambrotypes of its new homes and natural beauties.  Mrs. Allen talks of going east in a few weeks, to be gone for some length of time, and those wanting pictures should not delay getting them.

All three notices were single issue and not advertisements. Did Mrs. Allen go east?  In Craig’s Daguerreian Registry he list two Mrs. Allen’s, a Mrs. George D. Allen in Cleveland in 1860 who he says might be a photographer which is based on her contribution to Fredericks defense fund against the Cutting Patent. In Ohio Photographers 1839-1900 (Diane VanSkiver Gagel) list her as a daguerreotypist c. 1860.  Both Craig and Gagel list Mrs. M. Allen as a daguerreotypist in Norwalk, Ohio 1859-1860.

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