The following report appeared in The Plaindealer published in Roslyn, New York on November 19, 1852.

A Daguerreotypist named Abbot, who itinerates with a car fitted up as a saloon for taking photographic pictures, stopped at Perry, New York, a few days since, where he induced girl ten years old, to allow him to take her picture in a nude condition.  The girl told of the transaction, and the indignation of the people caused the artist to decamp.  He sent a person to take away his car, but a mob destroyed the vehicle before he could get beyond their fury.  The cost of the apparatus was about $700.

John Craig list in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry, H. L. Abbott as a traveling daguerreotypist in Warsaw, New York and references that he took more than seventy five daguerreotypes in and around the construction site of the Portage Bridge on the Genesee River.  The Bridge is in the upper part of the Letchworth State Park.  The distance between the three locations is estimated to be under twenty miles.  There is a strong possibility that this is the same person, with a spelling variant of the last name.

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