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Whelden & Eveleth

1851                North Street, Pittsfield, Massachusetts.

Whelden & Eveleth (Charles M. Whelden & George H. Eveleth) were recorded in two advertisements in the Culturist and Gazette (Pittsfield, Massachusetts).  The first advertisement ran from September 10 to October 22, 1851.  Daguerrian Materials.  Comprising Bromine, Iodine, Chloride of Gold, &c., by Whelden and Eveleth, at the old stand of Peck and Olds.

The second advertisement was recorded on November 5, 1851. Dissolution of Copartnership.  The Co-partnership heretofore existing between Charles M. Whelden and George H. Eveleth, is this day dissolved.  The business hereafter will be conducted in all its branches, (Drugs and Medicines.) by Charles M. Whelden, who, thankful for past favors, solicits a continuance of the same.

All persons are hereby forbid trusting George H. Eveleth, on account of Whelden & Eveleth.  Charles M. Whelden.  Oct. 30, 1851.

Whelden & Eveleth are not recorded in other photographic directories.