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Mr. Bartholomew & Co.

1857                Address Unknown, Westfield, New York.

Mr. Bartholomew & Co. appeared in one announcement in the Westfield Republican (Westfield, New York) on October 7, 1857.  Agricultural Society Report…Painting &c….

In the Daguerreotype Department, there were several exhibitions deserving of more than a Passing notice from your Committee, but as the scale of premiums have been limited, we are reluctantly compelled to contain ourselves to the following;

Best specimens of Daguerreotypes, called Melainotypes, to No. 162, O. Monroe, Dunkirk; 2d do. No. 158.

The committee would respectfully recommend a premium of the 2d class to. No. 316 G. R. Martin, being four Photographs in oil.

There were on exhibition three Ambrotypes without numbers from Messrs. Palmer,

Bartholomew & Co. Westfield, deserving much credit for their perfection and life-like expression of the specimens presented for inspection.

Mr. Bartholomew & Co. is not active in 1857 in other photographic directories.  J. L. Bartholomew is recorded in 1858-1859 in Auburn, New York.  The distance between Westfield and Auburn is 183 to 214 miles away using modern roads.  At this time it is unknown if they are the same person him.