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Amasa Holcolmb

1839                Address Unknown, [Southwick, Massachusetts.]

July or August, 1839. The National Cyclopaedia of American Biography.  (New York, New York).  James T. White & Co. 1893, Vol. III, P. 311.  Amasa Holcolmbe…He constructed the first instrument and took the first Daguerrean portrait ever taken in this country, in July or August, 1839 with an instrument he had made for a New York order…

From:  Wikipedia; Amasa Holcomb was an American farmer, surveyor, civil engineer, businessman, and manufacturer of surveying instruments and telescopes.Born:June 18, 1787, Southwick, Massachusetts.  Died: 1875,  Southwick, Massachusetts.

Amasa Holcolmb is not recorded in other photographic directories.  This claim has not been collaborated or verified with additional sources.  Variant spelling Amasa Holcolmbe.