S. H. Williams & Co.

1848                Address Unknown, Honolulu, Hawaii.

S. H. Williams & Co. were recorded in two advertisements in the Polynesian (Honolulu, Hawaii).  The first appeared on March 18, 1848.  Flour, Hides, &c.  For Sale by S. H. Williams & Co. 300 barrels superior Columbia River Flour; 2000 Sandwich Island hides; 25 superior Sea Otter Skins; 67 Rolls 40 yards each 4×4 China Matting.

The second appeared on July 1, 1848.  For Sale A Daguerreotype apparatus, with chemicals complete.  Apply to S. H. Williams & Co.

S. H. Williams & Co. is not recorded in other photographic directories.  It appears from the first advertisement the Williams was a purveyor ad not a daguerreotypist.

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