Albert St. James

1857    337 Broadway, New York, New York.

Albert St. James of the firm Foulley & St. James was recorded in one entry in the 1857/1858 New York City Directory (New York, New York) and two advertisements in The New York Herald.  He is recorded in the 1857/1858 NYC directory under Foulley & St. James as Photograph Stock, 337 Broadway, under his mane he is recorded as St. James, Albert, Chemicals 337 Broadway, H-194 Fourth.  His wife’s entry reads.  St. James, Augusta, Widow, H-194 Fourth.  Which corresponds with the information in the second advertisement.

The first advertisement appeared on September 2, 1857.  Photographic Album Of American Views—published under the superintendence of G. Cousin, French artist.  Weekly subscription, $1.  Four views. 9 inches long and 7 inches wide, every week.  For particulars apply to Foulley & St. James, 337 Broadway.  N. B.—Orders received for views of every description.  Reproduction of engravings and engines.

1857 October 16.  The New York Herald.  (New York, New York.)  October 16, 1857, Whole No. 7715, P. 6.

Mr. A. Foulley Respectfully Informs His friends, the customers of the late partnership and the public generally, that he will continue the business at the old stand, where will be found a complete assortment of the articles which compose a photographic stock, especially pass-partout and fancy frames in every style.  Please call at 337 Broadway, N. Y.  A Foulley.

Albert St. James is recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry without a first name, and a typo of the business address.  

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