T. P. Cressey

1847-1848                   7 Batchelder Block, Factory Island, Saco, Maine.

T. P. Cressey was mentioned in an advertisement for Horatio N. Macomber & Co. that ran from June 8, 1847 to February 8, 1848 in the Maine Democrat (Saco, Maine).  H. N. Macomber & Co., Daguerreotype Miniature Rooms, No. 7 Batchelder Block, Up Stairs, Factory Island, Saco, Maine.  Miniatures taken in any weather, with or without Colors, in a Superior Style, and neatly set in Lockets, Pins, Rings, Bracelets, or Cases.

The Public are respectfully invited to call and examine specimens.  H. N. Macomber, T. P. Cressey.

T. P. Cressey is not recorded in other photographic directories.  There is a listing for Cressey (no first name recorded) who was active in Dover, New Hampshire in the partnership of Cressey & Emerson from December 26, 1848 to February 6, 1849.  It is not known if they are the same person.

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