1849                Address Unknown, New York, New York.

Voigtlander appeared in one announcement on May 21, 1849 in the New York Daily Tribune  (New York, New York).  Voigtlander’s Magic Views.—A large and really brilliant audience, containing some three hundred ladies and children, visited the exhibition of these splendid views on Saturday evening, and were enthusiastic in the expression of their delight. The changes of one picture into another, and the life-like truth and breath of atmospheric effects of these views cannot be believed until they are seen.  The superb series of Astronomical Views, Chromatropes, Kaleidscope, &c. &c. are gorgeous and beautiful in the extreme. 

Voigtlander is not recorded in other photographic directories.  It is unknown if Voiglander was a daguerreotypist, but the similarities with John Adams Whipple in Boston and his magic lantern show will need further examination.

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