G. R. Martin

1849-1850       Granite Building, over D. M. C. osby Store, Jamestown, New York.

G. R. Martin was recorded in two advertisements that ran in the Jamestown Journal (Jamestown, New York). The first advertisement ran from December 14, 1849 to February 8, 1850.  A rare Opportunity For obtaining fine gilt and colored Daguerreotypes.  The undersigned would respectfully announce to the citizens of Jamestown and vicinity that he has opened rooms for a short time in the Granite Building, over the store of D. M. C. osby & Co., on Main st., opposite the Post Office, where he is prepared to take Photographic likenesses on the most approved system.  A system which gives instead of a glimmering shadow, the visible substance of chiseled marble.  In tone and coloring, closely resembling an ivory painting: but far surpassing it in clearness or perspective, and softness of light and shade; being at the same time unfading and having a life-like expression equaled only by the real presence of the original.

Miniatures put up with taste and neatness, in Lockets, Bracelets, Pins, Rings, and every variety of frames and cases at prices varying from $1, to $15.

Ladies and gentlemen are invited to call and examine specimens and sit for their likeness by way of experiment if they wish.  Likenesses (except of children which requires a sunny sky,) taken in all weather and warranted to give satisfaction.  Operating hours from 8 A. M. to 4 P. M.   G. R. Martin.   Jamestown, Dec. 14, 1849.

The second advertisement was for Gray & Martin and ran from February 15 to March 29, 1850.  Last Opportunity.  The undersigned have formed a partnership for mutual benefit in traveling, would respectfully announce to the citizens of Jamestown and vicinity that they will remain with them but a short time longer.  Meanwhile they will be pleased to wait upon all those who may wish to secure of themselves or friends, that beautiful gem for Memory’s casket, the Daguerreotype.

Having availed themselves of all the late improvements, and applied them with experienced manipulation, they flatter themselves they can produce photographic likenesses in beauty, correctness and durability inferior to none in the country.

They have on hand a large variety of rosewood and gilt frames, passpatout, paper mache book, and other fancy cases, and also a large assortment of gilt and gold lockets.  They may be found in the Granite Building opposite the Post Office, always ready to wait upon customers from 8, A. M. to 5 P. M.    J. C. Gray.       G. R. Martin.

G. R. Martin is not recorded in other photographic directories.

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